Sanctuary and Serenity

I Am Perfect Just as I Am.

Posted on: March 26, 2010

I Am Perfect Just as I Am.
This does not mean that I am flawless.  It means I am at a place of accepting myself right where I am.  I am where I should be.  I am not expecting myself to be somewhere or someone else.  I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
As I affirm this perfection in myself, I am accepting all of me – my inner and outer strengths, my weaknesses, my dreams and wishes, my secrets, and my past.  I am made of all of these things and I am learning to love me.
I can accept my past and my present, both, and cherish all the events that have made me me! Even the most negative experiences have given me lessons, and gifts.  My sexual abuse may have given me the gifts of compassion, perseverance, courage, and wisdom.  I am not grateful for the abuse, I am saying that I can recognize and cherish the parts of me that have kept me alive and gave me this passion to live.


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